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Southern California's Metrolink is the nation's 3rd largest commuter rail system with a weekly ridership of 40,000 people. We primarily focused on two audiences: daily commuters and first-time riders.

After reviewing the results of online surveys, analytics, and stakeholder interviews, it was clear that all riders who visit the Metrolink website are predominantly motivated by two thoughts: "When is the next train?" and "Is my train on time?"

Many are going to work and have important appointments. During moments of anxiety or uncertainty while traveling, nothing is more important than getting quick access to live status information. The Web Advanced team created a website for the rider who is standing on the boarding platform, smartphone in hand, eagerly anticipating a train's departure or arrival.

For first time riders, we provide comprehensive guidance. From routes and time tables, to tickets and onboard policies, we created pages with clear directions for how to successfully complete a Metrolink trip.

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