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Water filtration for your inadvertent drug use

Tap water! America's popular cocktail of drugs, poison, and H20. It's not the latest in mixology. It's science.

We're talking pain relievers. Antidepressants. Birth control. Lead. Pesticides. Trace amounts of these contaminants are detected in drinking water across America. Science tell us that the long-term effects of this exposure may not be discovered for years. Who wants to wait to find out? No one.

So, what's a home improvement hero to do? The innovative team at Pfister Faucets has a solution. Xtract technology delivers filtered water direct from a kitchen faucet. It filters out a greater variety and percentage of contaminants while pouring faster than typical methods.

We created a mobile responsive microsite to act as a hub of all things Xtract.

Designed to make you smile, the microsite's comedic punchlines and visual cues are inspired by the Xtract video created by Nurture Digital. Our agencies worked in partnership to fill the thematic gaps between the web and video experiences. The consistency elevated the product launch into a beautifully integrated campaign. We extended the presence of the video's comedic narrator by thoughtfully embedding audio clips into specific areas of the microsite. The teams also brought the contaminants to life by characterizing them inside of playful, emoji-styled animations.


  • Website
  • Product Microsite
  • Sitefinity CMS
  • Animation


  • Home Hardware


  • Strategy
  • Planning
  • UX Design
  • Art Direction
  • Mobile Responsive Development
See It Live
Showing one of the audio callouts on the Xtract website


Integrated the presence of the product video's comedic narrator by embedding audio clips into the microsite.

Comparison of three types of drinking water filter systems


Video of Xtract technology delivering crisp, filtered water faster than traditional refrigerator and pitcher filters.

The five 'jobbies'


Supporting the campaign's playful themes, the contaminants filtered by Xtract are characterized into animated emojis.

Water 'pfacts'


Extending the importance of Xtract beyond its convenience, we showcase surprising health and environmental facts about tap and bottled water.

Panel displaying the filter reminder page


Replacing the Xtract filter every 6 months is recommended. The site offers users the chance to sign up for an email reminder.

Danyel Tiefenbacher
Web Advanced continues to raise the bar of our web experiences. Microsites such as React and Xtract have become integral to our product marketing efforts. The modern look & feel and embedded videos on React took it to a new level. The team is always thrilled to see the results.
Danyel Tiefenbacher - Brand Manager, Pfister

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